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University of Hertfordshire: Hatfield, Hertfordshire - England

Weekly accommodation charges for 2010/11

de Havilland Campus
BandTypeGradeLocationCost 2010/11
Band AASingle en-suiteGrade 1Halls A - L£108.01

College Lane Campus
BandTypeGradeLocationCost 2010/11
Band ASingleGrade 1Telford Court£93.03
SingleGrade 2Roberts Way Phase 2£88.34
SingleGrade 3Roberts Way Phase 1£87.71
Band BSingleGrade 1Butler, Fern£87.71
SingleGrade 2Chapman, Broad, Coales£85.40
Band DDoubleGrade 1Roberts Way Phase 2, Halls£67.48
DoubleGrade 2Roberts Way Phase 1£65.94

The Conversion for British Pounds to US Dollars is currently:

$1 = 0.6437 British pound

Example: £88.34/0.6437 = $137.24

Here is also a link to help with future conversions from British Pounds to US dollars:

As an international exchange student, I would definitely recommend on-campus housing. It is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture as well as meet students during your time abroad. I have no regrets about my choice to stay in the campus flats.

DeHaviland Housing ("DeHav") is the newest addition of on-campus housing. It is located on the DeHaviland Campus which is where you will find the Student Union, the International Student Office, the cafeteria, and the workout facility available to students and the sports fields.

On College Lane Campus, is where the majority of the student housing is located: Roberts Way, Chapman, Butler, and Telford Court (where I lived). Though this was the older area of campus, I loved our location. All of these flats are located conveniently near the laundry facility, mail room, tennis courts, campus field used for various student activities, Starbucks, Elehouse, the Forum, the Co-Op Convenient store, and the main bus routes that transport you cheaply to numerous places all around England.

I loved staying at Telford Court. I met many wonderful people and found my living situation to provide me with the greatest experience possible. Whether it was a night out at the on-campus dance club, the Forum, or needing to grab a drink at Starbucks and a quick bite at the Co-Op, I was a 3 minute walk from it all.

The living arrangement within the flats at the University of Hertfordshire is unique to the English college experience. They have more than one roommate in more of an apartment set up. Anywhere from 4-8 people share a common flat including a kitchen, 2-3 bathrooms, 3 showers, and a bedroom equipped with a bed, armoire, desk, 2 chairs, trunk, and sink. This proved to be a perfect amount of space for me, and let me tell you, I am NOT a light packer! (Above are pictures of my room in Telford Court. As you can see I brought some decorations from home to make my room more "homey.")

You have a key that you are assigned at the beginning of the semester that will unlock your flat as well as your bedroom, so you can always keep your room locked as needed.

If you have any more questions about the living situation at the University of Hertfordshire, feel free to contact me using Facebook or my Kstate email!

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